cs au → mermaid!emma and killian jones

Killian Jones has never left Neverland after his brother Liam died of the poisonous dreamshade. Being held prisoner on the island, Killian desperately tries to find a way out. One night he comes across a young mermaid, who is chained to a tree, unconsciously lying in the water. He freed her and after a moment of hesitation she wants to show him her gratitude so she asks what he desires. The young man tells her about his home, knowing that the kiss of a mermaid would be HIS saving. So she did. After being back in the real world he realizes that he has fallen in love with the mermaid and promises her that there wouldn’t go a day by that he wouldn’t think of her. And he never broke that promise.

Captain Swan coat of arms. photo coatofswans_zps70ac2d48.png
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